Become A Successful Blackjack Player – We’ll Show You How

Players playing at M88 Vietnam have always asked for tips and trick to instantly win the blackjack. While playing blackjack online, there are certain tips and tricks that can turn you into a successful blackjack player overnight. We have written some wonderful tips that guarantee to turn you into a successful blackjack player.

If the number is 9 or lower than that – hit

If it is 10 or 11 – double down the cards if your cards add up to much higher than that of the dealer’s card. Otherwise, hit it right away.

If your numbers are something between 12 and 16 – you can hit of the dealer’s card showing is 7 or higher than that. Otherwise hit right away.

If the number is 17 or higher than that – stand.

With the help of soft hands, things change slightly. The soft hands include and set which usea ace as 11 instead of 1. For example: ‘soft 17’ where an ace and the number 6 are used.

If the numbers are 13 through 18: double down the cards when the dealer’s card showing is either 5 or 6.

If it is 17 or lower than that: go for a HIT

If it is 18 : go for HIT when the dealer’s card is either 6 or lesser than that and stand when the dealer’s card is either 7 or more than that.

If the number is 19 or more than that: Stand

What to do if you have pairs? Here is what you can do. Always split the aces and eights. But do not split 10s, 5s and 4s. You can also split rest of the pairs if the dealer’s card showing is 6 or less than that.

These are the blackjack tips that experienced players have been following to constantly win the game. This strategy is simple, yet very effective. However, winning the blackjack game always is not an easy task without an online guide and lessons from other winning technologies. With all these, you can dominate the game in no time. Any player who doesn’t know to play the game also can win huge amounts of money with these simple tips and tricks.



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