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There really is nothing sweeter than the feeling of pulling off a massive cash payday. Of course, if it is all your own money, that is one thing, but if it is somebody else’s, that is even better. Nobody will ever object to blasting their way through somebody else’s money, especially when that person is you, and that money belongs to an online casino or poker site. This is exactly why the gambling bonus was invented.

Whenever you sign up at a new online casino or poker site, you are entitled to claim a welcome bonus from the house. This gambling bonus can come in many forms, although most of the time it is a double your money deal that will see the house offer you the same amount of money that you deposit as a bonus. At other times, it comes in as being worth more than that, and sometimes the house will only offer you free spins or a spin at the money wheel instead. Still, a bonus is a bonus.

If we take a brief look at any typical online gambling site, and see what the typical welcome bonus would be from them, you can have a little idea of how it all works. In this example, we’re going to look at a solid 888 Poker review.

The first thing that this particular online poker site is offering players is a double your money deposit bonus. Meaning that whatever you deposit, they will then offer you the same amount back as bonus money. This effectively lets you spend the same amount of money that you were going to deposit, before you actually have to do so.

Other types of gambling bonuses that appear at sites might have nothing to do with welcome bonuses. For example, if we were to look back at our 888 Poker review again, we can see some other solid deals popping up.

Competitions, tournaments, re-deposit bonuses, free-for-all, prize draws, refer-a-friend bonuses, free rolls, special daily, weekly and monthly promotions, and one time offers on specific games or a handful of games always present a great gambling bonus for you to pick up.

Of course, the types of bonuses that exist all across the internet vary hugely, and which one you get depends greatly on what kind of online gambling site you are playing at. For example, poker, bingo, sportsbook and casino sites all have very different promotions and offers. It takes a little perseverance, but there are plenty of articles out there to explain the different bonuses to you, and once you know what each bonus does, you will know exactly what type of gambling bonus works best for you, enabling you to go after it!

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