Various casino bonuses

The online casino web sites in order to survive the high competition among the numerous web sites have to employ numbers of incentive schemes click here. These promotional schemes are many such as bonuses, payment modes, fast download, speedy games, cool graphics, cool sound system and so on. The enterprising web site owners design newer and newer schemes in order to check mate their opponents. The players must take advantage of these schemes so that they can get the benefits of the competition among the web site providers.

Types of bonuses

No deposit bonus

No deposit bonus is designed to attract the beginners of the games of chances. The psychology of the beginners is such that they always feel lack of confidence in the games. They are not sure whether they should play and continue to play the gambling games. This happens due to the many social stigma attached to the gambling games which gets inflicted into their minds from the social backgrounds. In order to attract them the web site owners offer no deposit account so that the beginners can start playing without requiring to deposit any amount. The initial amount is deposited by the web site owners. But the players are not allowed to withdraw any amount from their account.

Matching deposit bonuses

In such bonus the web owners deposit a matching amount that often happens to be in multiple of the player’s deposits. As for example if some player deposits $100 and the matching bonus is 100%, it would mean that the web site owners will deposit $100 in the account of the player.

Uncashable bonus

In such bonus the players are not allowed to cash the amount from their account. These bonuses are also called sticky bonus.

Loyalty bonus

All reputed web sites would like to give bonus to their loyal clients in return to their honesty. This may include free chips click here.



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