The Impact Of Women In Poker: Looking At The Facts

The world of poker is filled with as many statistics as there are cards passing through poker tables each year. It’s because poker is mathematical, always dealing with numbers and the people making calculations that correlates with strategies they use to play the game.


Strategies are an intrinsic, perhaps required, part of the clear water casinos world for many players. Thanks to the use of such strategies, skilled players are naturally breaking and/or setting some kind of record in the professional poker playing world.


These phenomenon are common at live tournaments, particularly some of the most casino club and watched events each year, such as the World Series of Poker. Even online, people are breaking and setting records. It’s pretty much common to the point that practically every year, someone’s making their presence known in a big way.


Now, updates of casinoclever-strategy-to-keep-women-only-in-wsop-2013-womens-event/%20″>women in poker are making their presence known. They’re no longer just attending a few games. They’re attending more games. They’re playing more poker games online—and they’re setting records too. They’re doing this, even though they have other obligations in their lives. They’re mainly doing it because they love the game.


The record breaking women of poker


One of the most notable record-breaking achievements involves WSOP bracelets. There’s a large number of players who have won multiple bracelets each year, though mostly men. Women, however, are coming up in that regard.


Two women won three bracelets each in the storied event. These women, Barbara Enright and Nani Dollison, tied for the record. They both took wins for the Ladies No Limit Hold’em event, while holding a bracelet for the Pot Limit Hold’em and Limit Hold’em events, respectively.


Annie Duke holds the most ‘in the money’ finishes by woman in the World Series of Poker, in addition to the most cashes made at the event—a total of 38 with at least $1.1 million in event winnings.


And speaking of cash outs—money is also a big factor involving record-breaking women too. Poker players with incredible winnings are usually some of the top poker players in the world—and mostly men, as of now. Though, women have been making their own impact in that field.


Vanessa Selbst, as another example, won at least $7 million in tournament earnings throughout her career; at least $1.1 million of those earnings originate from the World Series of Poker. She also holds    wins at other top ranked poker events like back-to-back wins at PokerStars‘ North American Poker Tour Mohegan Sun Main Event.


Women, poker and their impact


Each year, women are breaking records in poker. Many poker resources have reported an ‘upswing’ in record-breaking women players who play playing poker. Women share a storied history in poker, even though there’s a considerably lower amount of women playing the game.
A notable example involves women attending live poker events. Women have been increasingly attending the World Series of Poker each year. There’s been a natural abundance of winners each year, some lucky enough to play to the last table, the Main Event.


As a result, the impact of women in poker at the WSOP has increased. With more star women players coming out successful each year, it increases the chance of more women eventually joining the event—and other events—in the future.




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