February - 12 - 2013

Playing poker whether in a free poker site or free poker room is a fun, but its more than just fun, free poker games are a key to playing better poker and improving ones abilities and making more money online. Yes free poker games are the best place to learn the game. Only skilled and efficient poke playersan win the game, according to a research conducted online majority of the people tend to lose as they lack in knowledge. Casino companies offer the free poker games; you can take it as opportunity to test your skills and well as the casino company’s services and software before investing.Canada is a big, big country and with only a handful of land-based casinos, the provision of Canadian casino games offers this form of entertainment to those Canadians who are cut off from casinos because of their geographical isolation. As long as these people play responsibly, online gambling offers them the same if not better choice than city-based gamblers who might take a trip to their land-based casino.

Another fact associate to online casino is that the games are fast paced players here are aggressive in their betting style, one needs to have sound understanding of the game and thee skilled to be able to keep up with it. By entering the free poker games online you can develop your confidence and be able to keep up with the professional players online.

Playing free poker games is also a great way to study the odds of different combinations that will come up at the table. When you play real money games, there is no place for mistakes if you make them it’s over.

If you enjoy just playing poker for fun and want to have a good relaxing time while enjoying the game then free poker game is a good place for you. However if you want to make money at online poker, then take up the free poker games seriously and develop your skills to win from the game.


March - 20 - 2014

Top mobile slot site Madaboutslots.co.uk has hit the headlines this week after one of their players won a massive £43,334 progressive jackpot.  These colossal wins do not come round that often, making it even more special.  The most notable thing about this jackpot win was that the player had only bet £1.40 and won the jackpot on the first win line of 10p to trigger the winning spin.  These progressive jackpot games usually claim that you can win big from any bet, and this only goes to prove it.

The lucky player, from Wisbech, near Peterborough, has chosen to remain anonymous and won the £43,334 prize while playing the Sweet Treats mobile slot game.  It seems almost deceiving that a game of this simplicity is capable of handing out such a huge jackpot win!  As the name suggests, the mobile slot features all sorts of tasty sweets, including lollipops, candy canes, cakes and chews. If you manage to get three of the Massive Cake symbols on the reels, you’ll be rewarded with free spins.

All of this exciting news comes just days after the launch of the brand new Triceraslots game, available exclusively on their mobile platform.

About Mad About Slots

Madaboutslots is one of the newest and most exciting gaming prospects to hit the industry.  They provide players with high quality mobile slots, tablet games and bingo entertainment, with some of the highest jackpots you’ll find.  The progressive jackpot for their Knight Quest slot is current sitting at over £28,000!  Visit madaboutslots.co.uk today to see what all the hype is about.